Survival Challenge

March 11 – 13, 2016

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This weekend event will provide a great opportunity for Scouts to hone their cold weather camping skills, provide a chance to complete advancement requirements, earn merit badges and have lots of fun!!

This Special Event Activity Weekend at Pipsico provides the opportunity for scouts to complete both the Search and Rescue AND the Wilderness Survival Merit Badges. Additionally for Venture scouts, specific program attributes have been worked into the schedule to certain accomplish advancement requirements. Some major highlights from the weekend will include a full scale search and rescue operation, utilizing large parts of Pipsico Scout Reservation and local emergency volunteers. Additionally, as part of the Wilderness Survival Experience, scouts will be taken to new and remote parts of our 916 acre facility to see different elements that nature provides that can come in handy for construction of survival shelters.

Per National BSA advancement policies, Scouts must have their Scoutmaster’s approval before beginning work on a merit badge. Scoutmasters, please provide your youth we a completely filled out and signed blue card that will be handed to the merit badge counselor for signing of the requirements completed. The camp will provide qualified merit badge counselors to present the merit badge material, and lead practical assignments and exercises.

HANDOUTS (participants are recommended to print and bring these with them)

Char Fire Kit Brochure
Survival Priorities
Wilderness First Aid
When Should Survival Training Begin
Scout Personal Survival Kit


What to bring to a spring campout
Spring Camping Equipment Checklist

U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70 – Chapter 7 : Firecraft 
Several techniques of building and starting fires explained.

Fire – A Survivor’s Best Friend by Doug Ritter
Explains the importance of fire building and evaluates several alternatives and fires starting gear.

Fire and Rain by Dr. Andre F. Bourbeau
A short article that drives home the importance of learning and practicing your fire building skills

U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70 – Chapter 19 : Signaling Techniques 
Includes diagrams of body signals, markers, fire & smoke and signal mirrors.

Light On The Subject by Doug Ritter 
An evaluation of different lights, including LED lights and chemical sticks.

Sound Off! by Doug Ritter 
Why rescue whistles are so important and what to look for when choosing one for your kit.

Signaling Group by Doug Ritter 
An evaluation of several products including mirror and flares, as well as a description of several useful techniques.

U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70 – Chapter 5 : Shelters 
Include improvising a shelter using ponchos or tarps, snow shelters and building a temporary structure using branches.

ETS Survival Forum 
An online public forum on the Equipped to Survive website that’s loaded with tons of information from several years of survival discussion. It’s a great site to both lurk and learn, and to post your questions for answers or ideas for discussion.

U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70 – Survival  
A website version of the U.S. military manual used to train service men. Some of the topics are specific to the service, such a evading capture. But many of the chapters are very useful for Scouts. A few of the chapters specific to the merit badge requirements are list above separately in the articles section.

Registration Form & Program Guide