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Pipsico as a Scout camp dates back to 1958, but its history goes back much further.  In fact, the patent history (now deed history) goes back to December 13, 1634 when King Charles I patented 2000+ acres of land, on the South shores of the James River and four miles upstream from Jamestown, to Col. Henry Browne.  Henry Browne was born in 1598 in Westminster, London, England and arrived in Virginia in 1634.  In 1637 Pipsico Plantation increased in size with the addition of land known today as Eastover.  The land was considered part of the original Jamestown Colony, and served as a look-out post to protect the settlers at Jamestown.

The name Pipsico honors of Chief Pepsicumah of the Quioughcohannock Indians.  We was referred to by the settlers as Pipsico.  Chief Pipsico assisted settlers by providing them with food and training them to raise and manage indigenous crops, such as corn.

Tidewater Council purchased Pipsico Plantation, now Pipsico Scout Reservation, in 1958. The “Red Trail” that encircles the reservation provide a variety of visual and ecological wonders for hikers of all ages to marvel at. Along the trail you may choose to stop and see the “Pipsico Tree” a tulip poplar nearly 20 feet in circumference that predates the arrival of the first English colonists or stroll along the sandy beach of the James River and observe the flight of the bald eagles that nest on the reservation. As you hike through the wooded areas imagine yourself as one of the early settlers and experience the history that is part of this land!

Pipsico Scout Reservation is located in Surry County, Virginia. It encompasses  916 acres of woodland, open fields and marshes. The terrain includes a natural ravine system and ranges in elevation from 20 to more than 100 feet above sea level. Pipsico Scout Reservation’s northern boundary extends for a mile and half along the banks of the historic James River.

Cliffs 60 to 75 feet high overlook a picturesque mile long sandy beach and several cypress tree coves. The cliff walls are studded with marine shells and fossils providing tangible evidence of the James River’s influence on life over the centuries. The beach has proven to be a beach comber’s delight for discovering nautical treasures like shark teeth, prehistoric whale bones, driftwood and a peaceful observation site for beautiful shoreline sunrises and sunsets.

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