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Forms and additional resources may be downloaded from our Resource Bank.
2017 Cub Camp Guide – **Registration Form In Guide**
**2018 Guides Expected To Be Released in November**

2018 Cub Scout Adventure Camp Dates

  • Camp #1- Cub Scout/ Family Resident Camp
    • Check-in Thursday, July 26th (afternoon)
    • Check-out Sunday, July 29th (morning)
  • Camp #2- Webelos Resident Camp
    • Check-in Tuesday, July 31st (afternoon)
    • Check-out Sunday, August 5th (morning)

2018 Cub Scout/ Family Resident Camp Participant Rates

  • Cub Scout Youth:  $170
  • Adults:  $80
  • Den Chiefs:  $80
  • Siblings (age 11+):  $80
  • Siblings (ages 6-10):  $170
  • Siblings (ages 2-5):  $50

2018 Webelos Resident Camp Participant Rates

  • Cub Scout Youth:  $235
  • Adults:  $115
  • Den Chiefs:  $115
  • Siblings (age 11+):  $115
  • Siblings (ages 6-10):  $235
  • Siblings (ages 2-5):  $75

2017 Cub Camp Guide – **Registration Form In Guide**
**2018 Guides Expected To Be Released in Late November**

About Camp

The Boy Scouts of America is a very family-centric program. In order to embrace, and make sure that the Pipsico Scout Reservation is in alignment with the goals and values of the Scouting program, we now also welcome siblings to enjoy this camping experience.

Please also note that Cub/Webelos summer camp dates now overlap with weekends to minimize the amount of vacation time parents/leaders use to enjoy camping with their families.

Pipsico is the perfect spot for your family to have a great outdoor adventure. It has 916 acres of land, with a mile of unspoiled beach on the bank of the James River in Surry County, Virginia. It is home to bald eagles, blue herons, wild turkeys, deer, and much more. On the beach you will find fossil remains of sharks, whales, and other marine life. Our camp has a full range of modern facilities including a 25-meter pool, showers, a large dining hall, a well-stocked trading post, health lodge, and everything else needed to ensure a great camping experience.

Signing Up

To sign up for camp, you need only fill out the reservation form which can be found on our Resource Bank page and submit it to the Tidewater Council office with the appropriate payment. Fees and deadlines are listed on the form. You will also need to submit rosters of Scouts and leaders with your final payment, using the camp roster form on the Resource Bank page.

Daily Activities

After breakfast each day, Scouts will assemble into activity dens for a fun-filled day of non-stop activity that includes archery, BB guns, swimming, handicrafts, and much more. Scouts will have the chance to earn several belt loops, complete several Achievements and Electives, and various requirements for Activity Pins. Before you leave for home, you will receive a list of advancement requirements that were met during your time at camp.

All leaders will receive a schedule of events by day during camp. Make sure your unit is on time for camp-wide activities such as mealtime musters, religious services, and campfires.

Some meals in our Dining Hall are served family-style. Your pack will be asked to provide a table host and a waiter for each table at each meal; the duties of the table host and waiter will be explained during check-in. Normally you will have one or more camp staff members as your guests at each table. Guests are chosen by selecting camp staff membersʼ totems and placing them on the tables prior to the meal. Be sure to select different totems each meal so you can meet as many of our camp staff as possible.

Special Events

During your stay at camp, we will have several special camp-wide programs. These include an opening campfire on your first evening and a closing campfire the night before you depart. We encourage you to prepare a song, skit, or story for the closing campfire. Your performance should be in keeping with Scouting values and not single out unsuspecting individuals as “victims” (such as when someone is soaked with water or made to appear foolish) and have prior approval from the Program Director.

A non-denominational worship service will be offered and all Scouts will be encouraged to attend as part of their “duty to God.”

Forms and additional resources may be downloaded from our Resource Bank.
2017 Cub Camp Guide – **Registration Form In Guide**
**2018 Guides Expected To Be Released in Late November**