Boy Scout Camp

Summer Camp Promotional Video

Forms, guides, promotional literature and additional resources may be downloaded from our Resource Bank.

2018 Summer Camp Dates

  • Week 1: June 24 – 30
  • Week 2: July 1 – July 7
  • Week 3: July 8 – July 14
  • Week 4: July 15 – July 21

2018 Individual Program Rates

  • Youth:  $290 (If Paid in Full by 6/1)
  • Adult:  $130

Financial Incentives

  • Early Discount: (Youth):  $20 Off When Paid In Full by 4/2/18
  • First Free Adult:  Register 3 – 7 Youth & Earn 1 Free Adult
  • Second Free Adult:  Register 8+ Youth & Earn 2nd Free Adult
  • Sibling Discount:  $10 Off Per Sibling (Same Week)
  • Late Fee (Youth Only):  $25 (If Not Paid In Full By 5/29/18)

Serving Your Whole Troop

Our goal is to provide challenging and rewarding programs for every member of your troop, and to enhance your troop operations throughout the year. Take a look at what we have to offer you.  Forms, guides, promotional literature and additional resources may be downloaded from our Resource Bank.

For New Scouts

The Brownsea Island program is managed by a Boy Scouts of America National Camping School certified director and focuses on requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks; in a setting that teaches new/younger Boy Scouts about Troop structure, the value of the Patrol Method, the importance of the Buddy System, and the benefits of learning and applying new skills using the E.D.G.E. Method (Explain Demonstrate Guide Enable).

The original Brownsea Island is located in Poole Harbour, England and was the site of World Scouting’s founding event.  From August 1-8, 1907 Lt. Gen. Robert Baden-Powell and Major Kenneth McLaren took 21-boys from lower, middle, and upper-class families camping as an experiment for his book, Scouting for Boys. Baden-Powell’s revolutionary idea was to teach camping, observation, woodcraft, chivalry, life saving, and patriotism.  Fundamentally, the purpose was to teach young men to “be prepared” and to realize that their station in life was not confined to the Edwardian class system.

At Pipsico the Brownsea Island program area is designed to welcome new boys to Boy Scouts (wether they have recently crossed-over from Cub Scouts or just joined a Boy Scout troop).  The program’s purpose is to teach Scouts about the patrol method, Troop organization, being prepared, resourcefulness, and skills for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.

Pipsico’s Brownsea Island program is either all morning or all afternoon. At the end of the week Scouts are provided with a list of requirements they worked on during their stay.  Scouts may enroll in merit badge program for the remainder of their available session with the counsel of their Scoutmaster

NOTE:Scouts participating in this program should bring a backpack and their Boy Scout Handbook.  It is also recommended that they bring a compass.

Forms, guides, promotional literature and additional resources may be downloaded from our Resource Bank.

For All Scouts

Pipsico offers nearly 55-merit badges during summer camp.  These are all listed on the following pages, along with the merit badge schedule. Some Scouts will be encouraged by their units to take as many merit badges as possible. While this is a unit decision, experience shows that trying to learn six new skills at the same time is difficult, especially when some merit badges require a number of additional hours of work or practice. Accordingly, a Scout who works on six merit badges will learn how to get by with the least amount of work, rather than actually learning skills. We recommend that, before camp, Scoutmasters hold a conference with each Scouts to assist them in setting realistic goals. Scouts should be encouraged to allow time for the proper completion of merit badges.  The underlying purpose of these programs is to expose Scouts to new activities/studies that may positively impact character values, connect the practical application of material learned in school, to develop career or hobby interests and to learn new ways of having fun.

We have developed our merit badge schedule based on the demand of past years. We do, however, reserve the right to adjust the schedule to meet demand and therefore all units must register for merit badges before camp.  Some of our sessions have maximum numbers to ensure teaching quality, so if a unit does not sign-up for merit badges before camp, there is a chance that their Scouts will not be able to work on some merit badges. Please note that if units sign up for merit badges before camp, they do not need to rush to arrive first! Once a Scout is signed up for a merit badge we assume that he has Scoutmaster approval to work on that badge.  We will only approve requirements completed at camp. In cases where a Scout comes to camp with a partial merit badge, a unit leader needs to provide the area director with proof of the requirements that have already been completed. The proof can either be a “blue card” showing the completed requirements or a signed statement listing the completed requirements.  Lastly, we do offer some merit badges that require field trips.  In most cases volunteers (and vehicles) are needed to transport Scouts to and from locations.

Veteran Campers

Special summer programs are operated in parallel with base camp and have been developed to serve the interests of more experienced Scouts.  Youth must meet the minimum joining criteria for Venturing, but are not required to be Venturers.  Adults are invited to participate in SCUBA Camp and Sail Hampton Roads, but are restricted from PEX.

For Adults

We believe you should get as much out of camp as your Scouts.  We have a broad range of programs especially for adults.  We have adult training sessions, and a variety of special activities.  A sure way to grow in Scouting is to earn the Awesome Leader Award.  Those who earn this coveted recognition will come away from camp with new insight and incomparable memories.  Leaders are encouraged to visit the program areas to learn and observe but we do ask that you stay behind the proverbial picture frame as a spectator.  If you have expertise to offer in a particular area feel free to offer a hand in between program sessions.  Staff will welcome an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands.  This is especially true in the Brownsea Island program, where you are ultimately responsible to certify that your Scouts have met the advancement requirements.


Have you been too busy to get the training you need? Did you bring along some new leaders or adult volunteers you hope will take a more active role in troop leadership?  Then take advantage of our wide selection of training while you’re with us! Here’s some of what we offer:

  • Scoutmaster Specific
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Safety Afloat
  • Climb on Safely
  • Leave No Trace
  • Trek Safely
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Forms, guides, promotional literature and additional resources may be downloaded from our Resource Bank.