Ranger’s News

What’s Happening at Camp Update 4/20/16

The Pipsico Busy Beavers continue attack the fast growing grass around camp and it looks great. Remember when walking around camp, if you see sticks in the mowed grass please toss them into the woods. It is a tremendous help to the life of our equipment and the time it takes to cut the grass.

What’s Happening at Camp Update 4/15/16

The weather is wonderful and John Matroni is a painting machine. He’s working on both OA shelters and Cabin A.



What’s Happening at Camp Update 3/20/16

New directional sign! Thanks Kathy and Chris from the PBB.

What’s Happening at Camp Update 3/17/16

The weather has been amazing and the volunteers are coming out to play. The Pipsico Busy Beavers continue to be a solid work force every Wednesday. Additional volunteers have come out other days to renovate a bathroom, install a mop sink and cut down trees.

Wahunsenakah Lodge, the OA lodge from Colonial Virginia Council chose to have their Winter Service Weekend at Pipsico last weekend and we are very grateful. Ditches were dug, dropped trees were cut and stacked for firewood, trails were cut, and much much more.

Girl Scout Emily, with help from Wahunsenakah, continued making improvements and restorations to the Blue Heron Bowl in Kiwanis. Blue Heron members built and installed a new trailhead sign to mark the start of the Blue Heron Bowl Trail.

A big thank you goes out to all the hard work and the hard work that will occur this coming weekend at the Blue Heron Lodge March Ordeal Service Weekend.

What’s Happening at Camp Update 3/14/16

Construction on the amphitheater in front of the Dinning Hall has begun!!