Pipsico Busy Beavers

Pipsico Busy Beavers

Making Pipsico Scout Reservation a Better Place to Camp

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PBB Project Coordinator
Ron Davis 757-865-7641 davisrv@cox.net

PBB Recruiter
David Singletary 757-214-5487 david.singletary@gmail.com

Statement of the Challenge

Pipsico Scout Reservation (PSR) is staffed with one full-time ranger. The myriad of tasks required to maintain and improve the reservation’s real estate and infrastructure far exceed the capabilities of one person

Vision of Service

Under the guidance and supervision of the Camp Ranger, the PBB performs meaningful projects that maintain and improve the camp’s facilities and appearance. The PBB follows all council processes and guidelines

When do the Beavers work?

  • Wednesday is the normal camp work day.
  • Work begins at 0830 and usually ends at 1600 hours, but you may leave sooner if your schedule requires.
  • With the Camp Ranger’s permission, Beavers may work other days if their schedule precludes Wednesday.
  • Beavers are not expected to attend every work day. Come when your schedule allows.
  • Beavers provide their transportation. Car pooling is encouraged. Contact the project coordinator for information.
  • Beavers provide their own lunch.

List of Projects

  • Paint buildings inside and out
  • Inventory/organize repair parts & maintenance materiel
  • Organize/repair/maintain shop equip & hand tools
  • Replace latrine roof at campsite #7- completed Sept 2015
  • Prune/remove trees & brush as required
  • Mow grass as needed
  • Repair/maintain camp vehicles
  • Clear brush on road to beach
  • Trouble-shoot/repair electrical systems
  • Repair shower stalls in cabins
  • Repair soffit
  • Misc. plumbing repairs
  • Repair kitchen wall
  • Repair wall around ac/heating vent
  • Install heating/ac unit in cabin

Membership in the PBB is open to all. As a force multiplier supporting the camp ranger, the PBB recruits members with special skills (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, masonry, automotive, HVAC, lumberjack, information technology, heavy equipment operator, etc.) and those desiring to lend a helping hand. “Special skills” is defined as “working knowledge” not professional-level expertise