Visiting / Renting Pipsico

Pipsico is fortunate to have a lot of Scouting history and a busy year-round calendar.  It is  important that our members, customers, alumni, and vendors have reasonable access to the property.

Very important: Pipsico is closed Mondays unless arrangements have been made with the ranger.  All visitors much check in with the ranger (via instructions provided).  All visits should be scheduled.  Pipsico does not have a staffed office or main street business hours.  We ask that all visitors comply for health & safety reasons and for the protection of our youth.

Pipsico is owned and operated by the Tidewater Council, Boy Scouts of America located at 1032 Heatherwood Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.  The camp is located at 57 Pipsico Road, Spring Grove, VA 23881.  Then key personnel for Pipsico related business are:

  • Pam Vickrey
    Camping Secretary
    (757) 497-2688
  • Jenny Sommerfeld
    Camp Ranger
    (note: she can’t respond to email or talk on the phone from a tractor or while using a chainsaw.  She’s good, but not that good.)
  • Wes Parker
    VP of Camping
    (executive board/corporate officer)
  • Evan Sommerfeld
    Camp Director

Useful Links for Visitors
Pipsico Overview
Ferry Schedule – Fall, Winter & Spring or Summer

Please click here to download the most recent Tidewater Council, BSA executive board approved rental rates for:

Pipsico Reservations


  • Attendance

  • Contact Information

  • Base Camp (Lions) Additional Facilities

  • Camp Kiwanis Additional Facilities

  • Admin Area Facilities

  • Camp Equipment Rentals