Health & Safety Policies

The facilities and grounds on the Pipsico Scout Reservation are supervised by the Camp Ranger, except during summer camp operation, when it is supervised by the Camp Director. For Health and Safety reasons, as well as emergency notification, it is necessary that all persons entering the reservation MUST REGISTER. All units arriving at the reservation for unit camping must check-in with the Ranger. Units and individuals arriving for summer camp or other activities must register at the appropriate registration area. Individuals arriving for other purposes/occasions must register with the Ranger.

The fifth point of the Scout Law is to be observed at all times. BE COURTEOUS to others in the use of camp facilities and sites. Respect the privacy of other groups using the reservation. Enter someone else’s campsite only on invitation.

PRIVATE VEHICLES are not permitted off the main roads or on service roads. All parking, whether temporary or overnight, must be in designated parking area. Vehicles other than camp maintenance vehicles are never permitted in troop sites except to load and off load from the service roads in Camp Kiwanis. The 15 MPH speed limit is strictly enforced. Persons may not ride in the back of pickup trucks, vans, or other vehicles without permanent seats and seat belts. Persons may not ride on the flat bed maintenance wagons or as passengers on the camp tractors.

Observe the OUTDOOR CODE at all times. Cut NO live trees or shrubs. Do not blaze trees. Do not sweep or remove ground cover to create paths or clearings except for fire areas. Any camp-craft projects must be removed before leaving camp.

In Camp Lions and the Family Camping area, build fires only in designated areas. In Kiwanis and Powhatan, build fires only in cleared areas free from overhanging limbs. Use only dead wood for fires. Do not build fires on any of the fields or grassy areas without special permission from the Ranger. FIRES MUST BE ATTENDED AT ALL TIMES.  No ditches or fire pits are to be dug.

ALL GARBAGE, GLASS, PLASTIC AND METAL TRASH must be placed in plastic bags and placed in a dumpster  near the entrance to the sub-camps. Paper trash only may be burned in the campsites. NEITHER BURN NOR BURY GARBAGE OR CANS.


Pets are much more comfortable at home or in a kennel. Health and Safety Regulations do not permit pets in camp. Persons with pets will be asked to leave.

Shoes are to be worn at all times in camp. Shower shoes/flip-flops are for use only in the showers and are not to be used in going to and from shower building.

In the event of any type of ACCIDENT or INJURY, the Ranger/Camp Director must be notified and a complete report of the incident compiled.

Written permission from adjacent land owners must be obtained before any use of their their property.

Only flashlights and electric lanterns are permitted in tents. NO FLAMES IN TENTS is a rule which must be strictly enforced. Liquid fuel stoves, heaters, lanterns, lighted candles, matches, cigarette lighters, or other flame sources must NEVER be used in or near tents.

Strict observance of the Boy Scouts of America Policy on use of chemical fuels (liquid, gaseous, or jellied) is mandatory in all elements of Scout Camping. Convenience is one of the joys of modern life, but with it goes the necessity of precaution against many hazards. When gasoline or any other liquid fuel is used for cooking, heating, or lighting, it is the fuel which is dangerous – not the stoves, heaters, or lanterns. FOR SAFETY REASONS, KNOWLEDGEABLE ADULT SUPERVISION MUST BE PROVIDED WHEN SCOUTS ARE INVOLVED IN THE STORAGE OF CHEMICAL FUELS, THE HANDLING OF CHEMICAL FUELS IN THE FILLING OF STOVES, HEATERS, OR LANTERNS OR THE LIGHTING OF CHEMICAL FUELS.

CHAINSAWS AND MECHANICAL LOG-SPLITTERS may only be used according to the National Council Policy.

SHEATH KNIVES are not prohibited by the BSA or prohibited at Pipsico Scout Reservation. Sheath Knive use by youth MUST be regulated by individual unit leaders and all rules applicable for the safe handling of knives must be followed. We recommend that the right tool for the job be used (cutting branches or ropes).

RECREATION VEHICLES, HOUSE TRAILERS, AND CAMPING TRAILERS, when utilized for personal convenience in camps other than the family camp, may not be plugged into camp electrical circuits or connected to reservation water sources. Use of gasoline powered generators is not permitted from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. As with other vehicles, recreation vehicles and trailers are not permitted off the main roads and service roads. All parking, whether temporary or overnight, must be in designated parking areas.

CLIFFS are off limits at all times.


INDIVIDUALS, units and/or organizations are liable for damage to property.

SERVICE PROJECTS performed on the reservation by individuals and/or groups must conform with policies established by the conservation and maintenance committees.