Pumpkin Chunkin ’17

November 3 – 5, 2017

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The 2017 Pumpkin Chunkin will be held again this year at Pipsico Scout Reservation and it will be the best one yet! Come out and participate and witness awesome spirited participants as they calculate and hurl pumpkins high and low through the air!

In addition to the main event on Pumpkin Cunkin, participants will have the opportunity to shoot bb-guns, archery, paintball, and throw tomahawks; relax on the hay rides; and enjoy excellent fall camping weather.  Don’t forget to enter into one of the many other food cook-offs or Pie Eating contests! Concessions will be served in Kiwanis and the camp Trading Post at Base Camp will be open!!

Pumpkin Chunkin’ 2016 Recap

Some chunkers even launched this meaty orange fruit well beyond the tree line and sent officials on distant journeys in search of glistening fragments of fresh orange splatter.  Records were set.  Fun was had.  Teams were all victorious.  And now, the field in Kiwanis looks like an aircraft engine test site for blade integrity.  The deer are confused, fat, and happy with the gifts.  In time the memories will return (as they do every year) with small pumpkin patches in Kiwanis (before they get mowed over).

Participants also had the opportunity to shoot bb-guns & archery; throw tomahawks; relax on the hay rides; and enjoy excellent fall camping weather.

Thanks to all who attended, volunteered to staff the event, and to those who helped to engineer contraptions that put geese into therapy.  We had a great time.