Catholic Retreat-o-ree ’12

The Catholic Retreatoree is scheduled for September 7-9th, 2012 at Camp Lions,
Pipsico Scout Reservation, Spring Grove, VA. The Retreatoree is open to Boy Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts, Explorers, and Girl Scouts from the Cadette level and up along with adults. Registration is $30.00 for each scout/leader. This includes three meals on Saturday in the dining hall and an attractive patch for each participant.

The theme of the 2012 Catholic Retreatoree is “Road to Emmaus” In Luke 24:13-35 the story of 2 travelers is told. As they traveled the road, Jesus joined them, although they could not see that it was indeed Him. Along the path they spoke of the happenings in Jerusalem, and Jesus helped them to understand the happenings. It was not until they broke bread together that they saw Him for who He was. It was then that they understood the prophecy. As we travel along our road, do we understand what Jesus has done for us? Are our eyes open to seeing everything around us? As we join together this weekend as Scouts, may our eyes be opened to those who are traveling with us. May we gain a clearer understanding of the Road we are traveling?

All units must have the appropriate tour permits and supervision. Scouts whose units are not attending may also participate. These scouts will be formed into provisional units with qualified leadership and supervision.

Please visit this link for the official event leader guide.