Cardboard Boat Float

June 1 – 3, 2018

Program Guide,   Online Registration,   & Registration Form (Coming Soon!)

The Cardboard Boat Float 2018 is back again at Pipsico Scout Reservation (PSR). This event will provide a great opportunity for Scouts to hone their creative problem solving and teamwork skills while having lots of fun in the process. 2018 is bringing new innovation and also intense competition so that units can compete for the highly coveted King Neptune Trophy!

NEW FOR 2018, participants will have the opportunity to challenge themselves even further by competing in our brand new “Fake It ‘til You Make It” Class! A brand new division all to its own, where participants will be given a set of secret supplies and build their vessels in a race against the clock to see which unit can construct the sturdiest vessel and complete the race course challenges without plummeting to the depths of the James River!

The NEW Cardboard Boat Float hopes to draw on the enthusiasm from years past, while also attracting new participants. Hosted again at Pipsico Scout Reservation, a Nationally Accredited Camping Facility, the event will take place along the shore of the James River. Special permission has been granted for Boy Scout, Venture Scout and Cub Scout units to participate in this event on the James River.

Participants will strive to meet the challenge – using team building – to design and build a powered boat, human or otherwise, made of corrugated cardboard which is capable of completing three trips around a course that is approximately 200 yards long. In additional to race finish awards, two awards once thought long lost have been resurrected… the King Neptune Award and the Davy Jones Award are both back for units to earn! More information is available in the leader’s guide, but if you are a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Sea Scout or Venture Scout; this event is FOR YOU!

Program Guide,   Online Registration,   & Registration Form (Coming Soon!)